Flight Review Virgin Australia Flight 1421 – Sydney to Cairns – Economy

An on-time arrival and departure, top service and a surprise meal had me in high spirits and wondering if I could pull off that Virgin Australia red lippy.

Seat 5D
Economy – Flexi-fare

Check in
Checking in online was a breeze, and meant that I could change my seat to one on the aisle (says she of the small bladder).

There were no queues at the bag drop counter less than an hour before my flight – but that hour was eaten up going through security (who seemed to be inspecting all artificial parts of the almost bionic man in front of me) and in the bookshop.

While staff at the bag drop counter was lovely, gate staff was a little less so – perhaps driven to wit’s end by those (such as myself) who failed to hear the three PA announcements advising a gate change.

Luggage Allowance
While the Flexi-fare allows for 23 kilograms, my six kilogram cabin bag and (smallish) handbag, meant that I could skip the baggage claim carousel and head straight to the hotel.

Cabin conditions
Still very Virgin Blue-d, the cabin interior was clean, though looked a little tired. The freshness of the staff certainly brought some brightness into the cabin.

Customer service
It seemed the poor staff of DJ1421 had to repeat themselves nearly every other aisle and yet all was still done through a bright red lipsticked smile (for the female flight attendants that is).

The unbundling of services and amenities makes for a slightly complex offering for those used to only having a choice of chicken or fish, but staff was patient, cheery and professional.

PS – Love the warning: “I’m going to be passing a hot beverage over your computer. Might be an idea to shut it, just in case.” My last (not Virgin) flight saw me witness to the near scalding of a fellow passenger…

Movies on offer cost AUD9.90 (if paid with credit – it’s AUD10 paying with cash). Passengers on today’s flight could choose from that Justin Bieber film, Rabbit Hole, and Just Go With It or pay the same amount for access to cable network Foxtel. After a quick perusal of inflight magazine Voyeur, I decided to opt instead for my new book.

Meal Service
A traveller’s snack is included in the Flexi-fare. Mine was apple juice, a bottle of water, a Mediterranean vegetable Panini and some Lindt chocolate. This was served promptly (and just as promptly removed).

My favourite thing
Luke Mangan’s Karmarama juice.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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