Ngong Ping Shaolin Kung Fu Showcase set to Thrill Visitors This Summer Beginning 1 July

Ngong Ping Shaolin Kung Fu Showcase from
1 July will bring guests at Ngong Ping 360 the
popular authentic martial arts performances
and interactive workshops.


Ngong Ping 360 is excited to present its incredible “Ngong Ping Shaolin Kung Fu Showcase” this summer.

The showcase will feature legendary Shaolin Masters who combine century-old awe-inspiring martial arts and daring stunts. It will be a unique blend of modern and traditional Kung Fu moves made popular by Shaolin-inspired action movies.

The “Ngong Ping 360 Shaolin Kung Fu Showcase 2011” will take place from 1 July to 31 August 2011 in Ngong Ping Village.

Approximately 20 Shaolin Kung Fu masters from China will showcase their authentic martial arts skills, including the debut of “Qixingquan” (Seven Stars Fist) and performance on “staggered piling” at the tourist attraction.

Free-of-charge workshops will be held every day during the two-month performance period, offering guests a unique opportunity to learn “Qixingquan”, which is a series of specially designed concise and powerful exercises.

During these workshops, the Kung Fu Masters will teach participants to appreciate the power and essence of traditional Chinese martial arts.



Source = Ngong Ping 360
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