Agroventures: Where Texas meets Rotorua

It has it all: a town sheriff, loaded cowboys and a mysterious crime, cows, extreme heights, ain’t afraid of some grime. It’s Agroventures for excitement, laughs and fun times.

Yes, I know that rhymes but that’s the tongue-in-cheek humour of an agroventure.

We arrived with a mission. Search for clues, milk the cow, swing from a 40 meter height at 130 kilometers per hour, find the culprit, locate the sheep and then dine.

Feeling as though I’d stepped into a Clint Eastwood film merged with elements of Tomb Raider, Agroventures in Rotorua offered a unique blend of Texas’ outback meets New Zealand’s world of agriculture and Queenstown’s daring escapades.

With my definition of adventure limited to driving five kilometers over the speed limit, I thought the team at Agroventures were easing me into the activities when buckling me into the Agrojet.

Accelerating to 100 kilometers per hour within 4.5 seconds, New Zealand’s fastest jet boat ride takes up to two passengers on a quick (and I do mean quick) journey around the lake.

Although you feel moments away from seeing your life flash before your eyes, the team ensures safety on the G-force ride with helmets, experienced drivers and snuggly belts.

After returning to shore, surprisingly dry, it was time to split into pairs for some Shweeb Racing.

The only ride of its kind is a ‘race through space’ that is tougher than riding a bicycle but is definitely ten times the fun.

Pedaling at full speed around the 200 meter track, the highlight of the ride was swinging up to 60 degress around the bends.

Restoring my balance after the Schweeb, I was strangely anticipating our next stop: the farm.

A suburban girl who grimaces at foul smells, I was surprising forthcoming and eager to try milking the cow.

To say I would make an unsuccessful farmer would be an understatement, after two minutes of trying and only managing to squeeze out one drop of milk.

Collecting clues after each activity and quite certain we’d figured out who had kidnapped the Sheriff’s sheep it was time for our final adventure, The Swoop.

Unable to convince me to strap up for the 40 meter drop, I observed and laughed-on as my peers took the plunge.

The beauty of the adrenaline pumping activity is that it allows thrill-seekers to Swoop in pair or groups of threes.

After completing the final challenge and debating over the clues our group sprinted back to the jail to identify the culprit! I’d tell you who it was but I think you’ll just have to Swoop, jet and milk for yourself to find out.



Source = e-Travel Blackboard: Nahrain John
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