Agents dive into Micronesia wonders

  ::Agents dive into Micronesia wonders.::

Consultants and agents were invited to Explore the underwater museums, culture and unique treasures that make-up Micronesia last night.

Hosted at the Grace Hotel, Australian consultants were updated on the adventure and enchanting appeal of Micronesia’s Guam, Yap, Chuuk and Kosrae.

Although located in the same warm region, Kosrae Village Ecolodge’s Bruce Brandt explained that while the islands have their similarities, travellers are amazed by the vast differences.

“”Throughout Micronesia we have a lot of differences and agents can choose an island based on what their customers want,” Mr Brandt explained.

“Each island is different whether it’s the culture, way of life and attitude.”

Among the rare and exquisite findings within Micronesia include canoes made by hand in Guam, archaeological ruins remain untouched and undiscovered in Kosrae, Stone Money lines a section of Yap and one of the largest underwater wreckages from World War 2 can be found in pristine condition surrounding Chuuk.

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Simon & Kate – United

Luke, Kate, Lourdes & Simon – United

Alison – United & Hannah – ICON International Communications

Deon, Deborah & Georgina – Hideaway Holidays

Cindy – Truk Lagoon Dive Center & Ian – Allways Dive Expeditions

Andy – Flight Centre Sydney, Bruce – Kosrae Village Ecolodge & Alexander – Flight Centre Sydney

Fiona, Jerry & Mandy – Dive Adventures

Monique – US Consulate & Felix – Guam Visitors Bureau


Prize winners were lucky enough to walk away with trips to either Micronesia’s: Guam, Yap, Chuuk or Kosrae

Winner 1: Beverly – Anywhere Travel

Winner 2: Kate – Flight Centre King St

Winner 3: Andy – Flight Centre Sydney

Winner 4: David – Flight Centre King St

Luke – United, David – Flight Centre King St, Beverly – Anywhere Travel, Lourdes – United, Kate – Flight Centre King St, Alison – United & Andy – Flight Centre Sydne


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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