Flight Review – Qantas Airways Sydney to Johannesburg

Carrier: Qantas Airways

Flight Number: QF63 / Code sharing with South African Airways SA7701 Departing 10:35am

Duration: 13 hours and 30 minutes

Class: Y – Economy

Configuration: 3-4-3 in economy class

Check in experience:
Although this was a full flight, standing in line was not an option. The queue moved extremely fast with the check-in experience only lasting 10 minutes.

On time performance:
Due to three passengers taking their time obviously duty free shopping, the flight was delayed. By the time the plane took off, 20 minutes had passed. Buying a bottle of water before boarding is recommended.

Seat/Cabin conditions:
Newly upholstered deep red and navy blue coloured seats were quite appealing in economy class. It created an earthy, outback Australian feel along with an eagerness to be seated and ready for take-off. A blanket, cushion, headset, an eye mask and tooth brush were waiting on the seat for passengers. The cabin was remarkably clean with the air conditioning strong throughout the flight. A light cardigan is recommended should you feel the cold. The arm rests seemed smaller on this aircraft as the remote for your small screen television was within the arm rest which created less room for your elbow to rest upon. Overall the seats were comfortable.

Meals & Snacks:
Lunch and dinner were served on the flight. For a vegetarian, pasta with beans and broccoli was served for lunch with a side salad, mandarin and water. For dinner it was a delicious couscous vegetable bean dish in tomato sauce with a side of fruit and water.
For others there was a choice of either braised beef in tomato and mushroom, sweet potato puree and green peas or roasted vegetable tortellini with a boscaiola sauce. Lunch was accompanied by a side salad and fruit.
For dinner you were served either roast chicken with homemade gravy and baked vegetables or pork in apple and ale sauce with buttered noodles with a melon salad and chocolate.
Light snacks were handed throughout the flight which included biscuits and cheese and a mango cream ice cream.

Water was handed out on the flight however if you ran out, you had the choice of filling your bottle at the tap near the rear of the plane as calling the flight attendant did take some time for them to get to you however it was a full flight. The staff were extremely friendly, courteous and engaging which was pleasantly welcomed.

Qantas has the entertainment on demand with a selection of the latest movies along with 5 family videos which are perfect for the kids. There is a variety of music to select and the Qantas magazine is a good read to allow the time to fly by.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.V
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