5 things your hotel should do right now with social media


5 things your hotel should do right now with social media


If you’re on social media, have you considered what you will be doing next year? Below are some things we would love hotels to implement and think about for 2012!

  1. Put your staff to work. Your staff members are a wealth of information and you need to use it to your advantage! Your reception or concierge for example, are experts on the area and can provide tips on where to eat, best shopping or places to see that no one else know about. Your chef is an expert on food and could provide tips or recipes for the summer. If you can get your staff to write a few sentences every month on various topics, you’ve got yourself some tremendous social media content with hardly any effort or time at all.
  1. More social media only offers. Your fans want something of value that they can’t get anywhere else, whether this is updates on events, news updates on your hotel or special offers that aren’t available on the website. Use social media specific codes that can only be redeemed online. For example, have a one day Facebook sale for hotel rooms. The discounts don’t need to be huge, but enough to show your biggest fans that you appreciate them.
  1. Someone to really take a big foursquare/Facebook Places leap. Many places offer people a free glass of wine if they check-in using Foursquare or Facebook Places, but why not go all out and really create some buzz! Give away a free room or upgrade for a larger number of check-ins.
  1. Cross promote. Social media is best supplemented by online and offline collateral. For example, people need to know that your property has a social media presence. Include your facebook link on your website, in your email marketing messages, in ads in newspapers or magazines etc.
  1. Fewer minutias. There was a time when a post like “it’s sunny today” did the trick. It was simple, felt personal, and kept a social presence active. These posts aren’t bad now, but the problem is everyone’s doing this. We’d love to see more depth to your general posts. For example, tell your fans about an interesting event going on in the area that people from outside your location might not know about. Post a photo of the sunset, or wildlife near your property.

Social media can no longer be ignored. And although it might not be perfect for every hotel, it is an important option for most. There are many benefits to using social media and with a bit of effort, your hotel can use social media to generate leads and raving fans.

If you would like more information about social media marketing, speak to TA Fastrack today on 1300 659 289.

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