Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is more than just your average airline with a youthful outlook, ‘wicked’ sense of humour and socially adored marketing strategy. With a strong aircraft fleet of over 98 aircraft, flying over 21,000 daily flights to 1,290 airports in 189 countries around the world and consistently being voted the best, this airline has customer service mastered down to a tee.

Hitting the aviation scene less than 72 years ago with its small fleet of ‘flying boats’, the airline has shown the world it has the resilient strength to overcome the small market in New Zealand with the successful introduction of the Boeing 777-300ER ‘Cuddly Class’.

Becoming the envy and most sought after addition to flying, the Skycouch or cutely nick-named Cuddle Class has the ultimate say in comfort, allowing two customers to purchase a third seat for about half the price, fold it out and resemble a couch.

On extensive journeys the feature allows travellers to enjoy the comfort of either ‘cuddling’ up with a partner or stretching out for a quick solo nap.

Further showcasing its commitment to the ‘Kiwi experience’, the airline also introduced the All Black A320. Unveiled a year ago, the aircraft was painted in all black livery as a celebration of the carrier’s long running sponsorship of the New Zealand Rugby Union team, the All Blacks.

On the marketing front, the NZ based carrier has continued to attract customers through its creative skill, turning aviation into a celebrity hit. Whether it is using their relations with football stars to create a safety video, dressing Rob Simms in 80s gear or asking Snoop Dogg and Lindsay Lohan to share secrets with the puppet, Rico, their tongue-in-cheek attitude keeps the fans laughing and flying.

Strengthening its position across the Tasman with its recently formed alliance with Virgin Australia, the two airlines combined have picked up their market share in New Zealand, surpassing 50 percent.
The partnership also created new opportunities for its Airpoint members to earn extra frequent flyer miles as well as introduced access to Virgin Australia lounges.

With most airlines focusing on the sophistication of their first class, Air New Zealand’s innovation in economy, grants the next generation of travellers a flight like no other.

With their relative youth, Air New Zealand is on the cusp of new and numerous innovations to cater for the needs of the next generation of travellers.

Images courtesy of Air New Zealand.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: Nahrain John
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