US Airways 407 – Phoenix to San Francisco – Economy

Image courtesy of US Airways

A comfortable journey home aboard a spanking new jet left this traveller wanting more of US Airways.

Flight Details US407 operated by US Airways A321 Seat 22A (exit row) Economy

Check in Done in haste at a nondescript kiosk in the middle of Phoenix Skyharbor Airport. A long wait for my flight was made more palatable by the airport’s free Wi-Fi service.

Luggage Allowance One checked bag will set you back US$25, with an additional bag costing $35. Oh, the joys of being a light packer…

Cabin conditions Outstanding. This was a new plane and you could tell. The overhead non-smoking indicators had been replaced with ‘please turn your electronic devices off’ signs and almost everything had a spotless gleam. It even had that new plane smell.

Customer service Very good considering crewmembers had to deal with dozens of young, albeit very-well behaved children returning home from a long distance field trip. Flight attendants were quick, courteous and upon exit, remarkably pleasant, with every crewmember wishing us well. Sitting opposite a steward at takeoff didn’t really help attract any extra attention during the flight but it did allow for a huge amount of legroom, being an exit row.

Entertainment Affordable on board Wi-Fi provided by Gogo Inflight Internet. Also the US Airways Magazine, which I decided was too far away to reach.

Meal Service Non-alcoholic beverages. A cran-apple juice on the rocks was the perfect tonic for this tired traveler.

On time performance A ten-minute delay at takeoff was forgotten once we had arrived a few minutes early in San Francisco.

My favourite thing The candidness of the pilot who at the conclusion of the flight said it had been “a pleasure to serve most of you”.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H
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