Hullett House Launches “Dinner on RMS Titanic” A Recreation of the Opulent First Class Dinner on The Titanic to Commemorate the Centenary of Her First and Last Voyage


First Dinner to be held on April 14th 2012…..with Heidsieck Monopole Gout Americain Champagne 1907
 as originally served on the cruise ship

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s first and last voyage, Hullett House is recreating the lavish ten-course dinner menu served in the ship’s First Class Dining saloon on April 14th 1912, the last dinner to be ever served there.

The classic menu is being recreated by Michelin-star Chef Philippe Orrico of Hullett House using the original ingredients but cooked with his own creative contemporary twist. The Dinner on RMS Titanic is served in the opulent surroundings of the JP Hennessy room in the St George restaurant in Hullett House, one of Hong Kong’s magnificent colonial buildings originally built in 1881. The opulence of this lavish dinner will be authentically recreated down to the waiters’ uniforms and table setting. Guests will eat from fine bone china plates originally designed by William Brownfield & Sons and used on board the Titanic.

The first Dinner on RMS Titanic will take place on April 14th, exactly 100 years since it was served on the Titanic and will run throughout the remainder of April and May. For the first night dinner on April 14, the original Champagne of choice for the rich and famous at the time of the Titanic, Heidsieck Monopole Gout Americain vintage 1907 will be served to the fortunate few. Hullett House has painstakingly sourced this unique Champagne which itself was only salvaged in 1998 after 80 years in perfect conditions in the depths of the ocean. Hullett House is bringing it here to Hong Kong at a cost of over US$11,000 per bottle. The first dinner including this rare champagne is priced at HK$15,000 per person and attendance is by invitation only.
It is exactly 100 years since the opulent cruise ship RMS Titanic set sail on her first and last voyage from Southampton to New York. The Titanic was built for the White Star Line to a size and level of luxury unmatched in its day. First-Class cabins were adorned with ornate wood paneling and hand-crafted furniture. Passengers enjoyed the very best, including a gymnasium, swimming pool and Turkish bath. Amongst the privileged passengers were some of the most prominent people of the day including John Jacob Astor IV, mining magnate Benjamin Guggenheim and the owner of Macy’s, Isidor Straus. They each paid the princely sum of US$99,000 in today’s money.

Passengers were pampered with some of the very best fine food and wine. Dining on the Titanic was a refined social occasion that could last for hours.

Their exclusive menu started with elegant appetizers – the finest Oysters from France, Consommé Olga with fresh scallops and delicate English cucumber and poached Salmon in a Mousseline sauce. Passengers went on to enjoy refined main courses with the finest French Chicken and Lyonnaise vegetables, English Lamb served with traditional Mint Sauce and Roasted Squab and Cress. Desserts included Waldorf Pudding served with the finest French ice cream. Fine wines accompanied the dinner, poured from the right with glasses never more than half full.
Throughout April and May, parties of eight or more can enjoy the same lavish First Class ten-course dinner by arranging their own Dinner on RMS Titanic in the JP Hennessy room at Hullett House. With fine wine pairing the cost is HK$3800 per person.

For those with more limited budgets, Hullett House will be serving four dishes from the Titanic’s Second Class menu in The Parlour, with its beautiful verandah overlooking the gardens of Hullett House and the cityscape of Hong Kong. Dishes include Baked Haddock with sharp sauce, Lamb with Mint Sauce and Green Pea and traditional Plum Pudding with Sweet Sauce. A flavour of life on the Titanic can be experienced at The Parlour from 14th April to 12th May.

Reservations for the exclusive Dinner on RMS Titanic can be made by calling St George restaurant on 3988 0220. Hullett House is located in 1881 Heritage just opposite the Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui.


Source = Hullett House
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