Sofitel So Bangkok Invites all to a Sweet Indulgence as Demonstrated by Maitre-Chocolatier Stephane Bonnat at Chocofest April 3-7, 2012

  Sofitel So Bangkok’s Chocolab

Flying in from France especially for the occasion, Maitre-Chocolatier Stephane Bonnat will preside over “ChocoFest” at Sofitel So Bangkok’s Chocolab from April 3-7, 2012, in a week-long sweet indulgence showcasing the world’s best chocolate creations and how they are made by a master of the art.

M. Bonnat is the sixth generation of the famous chocolate-making family whose factory, located in the small French town of Voiron, was first established in 1884. Preserving time-honoured skills and using only the finest cocoa sent unroasted from plantations around the globe, the Bonnat factory is unrivalled in its products. Now, exclusively at Sofitel So Bangkok’s Chocolab, M. Bonnat will demonstrate just how it’s done in a series of daily chocolate cooking classes, from basic recipes, such as mousse and bonbons, and on up to chocolate carving and the most magical of Easter eggs.

ChocoFest promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience, giving the opportunity to see M. Bonnat showing off the tricks of his trade and reminding us why cocoa beans make the world’s favourite confectioneries. It’ll also be the perfect time to sample Sofitel So Bangkok’s unique Chocolab, a charming deli dedicated to chocolate. The name is derived from chocolate factory + laboratory and, with a glassed-in kitchen, this is where chocolate can be seen in the making, using, of course, only French Bonnat chocolate, and where sweet creations can be enjoyed amid a cosy atmosphere or gift wrapped ready to go.


Source = Sofitel So Bangkok
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