Earth Hour Involvement at Royal Plaza on Scotts


Guests and employees lit up 1500 candles to pledge support for Earth Hour
Guests and hotel employees showed their support for this year’s Earth Hour by making a donation for environmentally-friendly soy candles to be placed on the hotel’s walkway surrounding the façade from 5pm to 9.30pm earlier. This interactive element has helped in transmitting the message behind Earth Hour that every individual has the power to change the world they live in and create a more sustainable planet by uniting people for a better future.

All profits go to Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Centre for Adults, a charity under the care of Community Chest.

In tandem with the theme for Earth Hour this year, "I Will If You Will", a challenge-based platform to encourage people to make a difference in the world by offering them something in return, Royal Plaza on Scotts has also done the same by channeling our charity efforts back to the community. The hotel pledged $5,000 to the APSN Centre for Adults as more than 500 members of the public, hotel guests and employees supported the initiative by making a donation for the candles. The target was hit before the end of Earth Hour where $2,000 was raised for charity. All donations will help fund the centre’s sheltered employment programme, where employment and training in areas such as commercial handicraft, recycling and thrift shop are provided.

Lights out in the hotel
The lights at the façade (including RP logo) were switched off, leaving only minimal emergency lights for guests’ movement. The lights in the lobby were also dimmed to the minimal, with our signature candle installation lit up. Please find attached for a visual of our lobby with lit up candles.

Guests engagement in Carousel
Lights at the award-winning buffet restaurant, Carousel, were also switched off. Patrons in Carousel were invited to participate in Earth Hour, where they lit up candles on their tables for a candle-lit dinner. This involvement had allowed patrons to have a refreshing dining experience as they show their support for a humane cause. At the organic salad station, guests chose from a selection of ten types of organic vegetables, specially selected by the chef. Organic products help to ensure a safer world for future generations to live in, encouraging sustainable agriculture with the absence of harmful chemicals. Pollution is one of the biggest problems with large-scale food production which results in polluted water and destabilised soil. This inspired the initiative to go green on the buffet counter to promote awareness amongst our guests.

Electronic and hard copies of signages were displayed in various areas of the hotel to share about the meaningful initiative. RP had also tapped on our social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word on the green efforts with the public and employees. By going viral on the social media platforms, it has helped us reach out to a larger audience for the environmental messages. Since sharing about our efforts online earlier on, many have "liked" the initiatives that were posted as status updates on Facebook.

Royal Plaza on Scotts has been proactive in giving back to the community and going green is one of our ways to do so. Renowned environmentalists and distinguished figures from around the world such as Mr Al Gore, Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, Prince Charles of Wales and Sir David Attenborough have sent words of encouragement to acknowledge Royal Plaza on Scotts’ efforts in turning into an energy efficient hotel.


Source = Royal Plaza on Scotts
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