Qantas takes off with cooking oil

Cutting its carbon footprint and possibly saving on high fuel prices, Qantas has announced it will launch studies into replacing jet fuel with sustainable and eco-friendly, recycled cooking oil.

Announced this morning as its first commercial flight powered by sustainable fuel took to the skies from Sydney to Adelaide, the airline’s chief executive Alan Joyce described the project as a “historic occasion in Australia aviation” and said it would explore the conditions needed for the production of sustainable fuel.

“Alternatives to conventional jet fuel are vital to the aviation industry meeting ambitious targets for carbon-neutral growth and emissions reduction,” Mr Joyce said.

He continued, outlining that the sector could create up to 12,000 new jobs over the next two decades.

“Australia has skills, resources and infrastructure to take a lead in this emerging sector, which the CSIRO has estimated could generate up to 12,000 jobs but stressed certain challenges required prior research,” he added.

“Until sustainable aviation fuel is produced commercially at a price competitive with conventional jet fuel, we will not be able to realise its true benefits.

“This study aims to tell us how that can be achieved in Australia.”

The airline’s first 50 percent cooking oil and 50 percent regular jet fuelled flight took off from Sydney at 10.20am this morning and is expected to arrive in Adelaide at 12.05pm.

The carrier also said it is planning to use the same fuel to power Jetstar flight JQ705 and JQ706 from Melbourne to Hobart on 19 April this year.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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