Flight Review: Hawaiian Airlines HA 0452 Sydney to Honolulu


Flight Details:
Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767 – HA 0452
17 April 2012 Sydney to Honolulu, Economy Class, Seat 24A

Apart from having the ‘prettiest’ planes in the air, the lure of Hawaiian Airlines for me is always the world-class service.

Check in and Luggage Allowance:

A very generous luggage limit of two 32kg pieces was a huge draw card for this over zealous packer and I joyfully stowed another bag within my suitcase with the unabashed intention of returning to Sydney most likely at, or close to, the limit.

The wait at the check-in counter was not long at all and I was pleasantly surprised that when I asked for a window seat (which had actually already been allocated to me), they asked me if I would prefer to sit at a window seat with a spare seat next to me.

The obvious answer for this soon to be hula girl was most definitely a yes.

I was also offered an ‘Express Pass’ to take me swiftly through customs and security which I was told is a new trial initiative by Sydney Airport to allow airlines to further reward their loyal clients. I have to say, I definitely felt rewarded!

Lounge Experience:

Hawaiian Airlines shares a lounge with Air New Zealand and the spacious area is located near Gate 51 on level three.

An array of dumplings, quiches, salads, sandwiches and even seafood chowder greets guests who are welcome to enjoy a complimentary alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to wash their meal down with ahead of their flight.

Sinking into the luxurious lounge chair, I enjoy a mimosa with some friends who happen to be there as well…now this is what I call the ideal way to wait for your flight to be called!

On Time Service:

Regardless of the abysmal weather conditions, we departed but arrived approximately 20 minutes later than expected.

Seat Condition:

The seats were in relatively good condition, although it did seem as if it was an older aircraft.


Ever the one to make the most of the entertainment options on offer when flying, my heart sunk when I noticed the lack of video screens on the chair backs.

Thankful that I had loaded my laptop full of television shows and movies for a situation just like this, I found that I was indeed spoilt for choice with the option to rent a digEplayer for $15 just after take off.

Offering a range of new release movies, television shows, cartoons, music videos, audio books and audio channels, each digEplayer comes with two headsets for shared viewing.

Meal & Snack Service:

Shortly after take off we were offered Hawaiian BBQ chicken, corn and edamame over steamed white rice along with salad, cheese and crackers and a delectable choc-caramel delight for dessert.

A continental breakfast was served prior to landing featuring sliced apples, yoghurt, a muffin and croissant.

Snacks were also available via the main galleys during the flight and attendants were on hand whenever I needed for a beverage top up.


Hawaiian Airlines service truly is world-class. The flight attendants are friendly, attentive and fun and the in-flight announcements had us all laughing, which was much needed when taking off in such stormy Sydney weather.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A
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