Beckham breaks rules, Cathay crew cautioned

Image Source: @VictoriaBeckham on Twitter

Cathay Pacific has put cabin crews on notice after a mid-air incident involving former Spice Girl star, Victoria Beckham.

Ms Beckham, wife of famed football superstar David Beckham, snapped a shot of herself playing with the PA system while sitting in a cabin crew member’s seat, The Standard reported.

Commentators say she may have violated the Aviation Security Ordinance whilst flying from Hong Kong to Beijing.

In line with section 12B of the ordinance, operating an electronic device in an aircraft registered in Hong Kong is prohibited, according to a Civil Aviation Department spokesperson.

Upon summary conviction, offenders can be fined HK$10,000 and incur six months imprisonment and if indicted are liable to receive a HK$50,000 penalty and two years behind bars.

Cathay Pacific’s in-flight services head reiterated the importance of denying customer requests to use the PA system or staff seating.

Cathay has also assured customers that the photo, which was posted on Ms Beckham’s Twitter account, was not taken during any “critical stages” of the flight and checks revealed Posh Spice didn’t actually operate the PA system.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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