West tourism needs to look East: IDeaS


‘It’s time for the west to start looking to the East’ for inspiration and development opportunities, IDeaS Revenue Solutions president and founder Dr Ravi Mehrotra says.

Speaking to e-Travel Blackboard exclusively, Dr Mehrotra said the prospects of the hospitality industry lies in learning and incorporating techniques from the Asian region.

“By providing customer loyalty and offering the right type of products, I think Asia has stepped ahead of other markets and if you can find a way of combining Asian hospitality and service with western technology that would be ideal,” he said.

IDeaS Revenue Solutions has been servicing the hospitality industry for more than 20 years and have begun expanding and developing their solutions services and software throughout Asia.

“At IDeaS we want to our solutions to maximise and capitalise on the profitability of entire business structures. We also want our solutions to be affordable for markets such as China and India, offering further opportunities.”

Dr Mehrotra said that in the past, the east would look to the west for new techniques and proper marketing strategies but times have changed and now the roles are seemingly reversed.

“Concepts such as one-on-one revenue management have been embraced by the Asian region and western markets are keen to adapt and implement these types of solutions.”

China is a key market for IDeaS and company focus is beginning to stretch beyond past accomplishments.

“IDeaS is beginning to target not only already-established international hotel chains but local chains as well,” Dr Mehrotra added.

Dr Mehrotra also praised the upcoming Arabian Travel Market, to be held in Dubai this week.

“Any partnerships we have can be cultivated and further expanded upon at this type of event as it allows the entire travel industry to come together and communicate face-to-face. We will certainly have some representatives present at this forum.”


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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