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Qantas A380 Airbus


Qantas and other airlines taking their A380 aircrafts out of service to repair cracks in wing components are likely to struggle to get compensation from Airbus, as they were repaired under warranty.

Speaking at a media briefing at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France, Airbus chief operating officer for customers John Leahy said the repair work was covered under warranty and compensation is not a usual industry practice.

In regards to possible talks of compensation with Qantas, Mr Leahy said, "Those are independent negotiations, but it’s not typical that there be any compensation above and beyond the actual repairing."

The European Air Safety Authority issued an airworthiness directive calling in February on all A380 operators to check for cracks in the approximate 4000 brackets that attach the wing’s ribs.

Airbus has previously said the cracks were due to a manufacturing process, causing airlines to take their A380s out of service to conduct inspections for these cracks.

"It’s unfortunate we have to replace some of these parts, but it happens," Mr Leahy said about the aircrafts maintenance issues.

"Talking to the world’s airlines, passengers are not at all concerned about that issue," Mr Leahy commented.

According to Mr Leahy, once the company gets a "better understanding of what the repair has to be," the total cost of the repairs would be detailed at Airbus’s next financial results presentation.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W
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