Southwest Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale via Las Vegas

  Southwest planes at McCarran International Airport – Las Vegas

Flight Details:
Southwest Boeing 737 – Flight 2404
26 April 2012
Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, Seat 22A

Now some people may ask why I choose to fly Southwest when I travel through the United States and my answer is always the same…it’s all about service and affordability.

It doesn’t matter that there’s the need for the ‘cattle call’ line up to obtain your seat because the way that I am made to feel on the actual flight makes it all worthwhile.

Check in and Luggage Allowance:

Checking in at 5am, one would expect there to be no queues but, alas, LAX is very crowded and there seems to be a large sporting group on my flight as well.

Even though Southwest offers two free check-in bags at 23 kilograms each, my heart is beating a tad faster than usual, as I know I’m over the limit with one of my bags.

The suspense is painful as I wait to see if my check-in staff member will be nice enough to let me through without paying excess.

She was lovely but I did need to shuffle some things around to get my weight down and ended up giving her a few items rather than throw them away! She was very grateful for the free gifts and I was very grateful that I didn’t have to pay an additional USD$50!

On Time Service:

It always takes a little longer to board a Southwest plane with the free seating but we still departed on time and arrived in Las Vegas and then Fort Lauderdale perfectly on time as well.

Seat Condition:

The seats were in great condition and were really comfortable…especially for someone who was keen for a nap!


There are no entertainment options on Southwest but I was lucky enough to be sitting next to some fellow Cruise3Sixty conference delegates who kept me entertained for the portion of the flight where I wasn’t asleep!

Meal & Snack Service:

Shortly after take off we were offered complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. Alcoholic beverages were available at a cost.

Always a fan of branding, Southwest really does have it down pat. The complimentary snacks had names like “Plane Food” and even the tea stirrers had a little heart at the end of them.

The flight attendants continually asked us if we required any more drinks or snacks so I wasn’t left hungry at all, regardless of the fact that I hadn’t consumed a proper meal!


This is what Southwest is all about…the service.

The flight attendants on our flight were so friendly and conscientious when it came to anticipating our needs and remembering just what we like to drink and how we like it served.

It’s the little things like that, that makes all the difference.


Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A.
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