Tickets now on sale for Harry Potter: the exhibition at artscience museum

Opening 2 June, Harry Potter: The Exhibition will feature a never-before-displayed film artifact, one of the last Horcruxes revealed in the finale

On 2 June Harry Potter: The Exhibition opens at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, marking the tour’s first stop in Asia. This exciting and interactive exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to view iconic props, costumes and creatures displayed in immersive settings inspired by the Harry Potter film series. Advance tickets are now available at and at Marina Bay Sands box offices. Harry Potter: The Exhibition’s stop at the ArtScience Museum will be the first to display a model of Nagini, Lord Voldemort’s serpent, one of the last remaining Horcruxes revealed in the final film, making Singapore’s tour stop the first to feature six of Voldermort’s Horcruxes in one location. The production model of Nagini’s head will be featured alongside a display of Voldemort’s props and costumes. In the world of Harry Potter, a Horcrux is a very dangerous and dark magical object used to safeguard a piece of a wizard or witch’s soul. Lord Voldemort knowingly created a total of six Horcruxes, namely Tom Riddle’s diary, Marvolo Gaunt’s ring, Salazar Slytherin’s locket, Helga Hufflepuff’s cup, Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem, and his serpent Nagini. Harry Potter himself was actually a seventh Horcrux, created unbeknownst to Lord Voldemort on the evening he killed Harry’s parents. The curse used to kill Harry’s mother backfired and part of Voldemort’s already fractured soul attached itself to the young Harry Potter.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition will showcase its grand collection of props, costumes and creatures from the entire Harry Potter film series. Fan favorites such as Harry’s wand and eyeglasses, the Marauder’s Map, Gryffindor school uniforms and an array of Quidditch™ equipment will be on display; as well as a collection of magical creatures like BuckbeakTM the Hippogriff, a Hungarian Horntail dragon, a centaur, and a giant Acromantula. These items and many others are displayed in immersive themed settings inspired by Hogwarts locations including the Gryffindor common room, Hogwarts classrooms, the Forbidden Forest, the Great Hall, and much more. Guests will also have the opportunity to pull a Mandrake from its pot in the Herbology vignette, toss a Quaffle in the Quidditch area, and tour Hagrid’s hut as part of the exhibition’s highly interactive experience. “ArtScience Museum is the museum of creativity, and Harry Potter is one of the most creative cultural works of recent years. The Harry Potter experience crosses the boundaries between the arts of writing and the technologies of filmmaking; it is therefore a perfect alignment with our vision,” said Mr. Nick Dixon, Executive Director, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. “As the fervor for Harry Potter continues to rise, we wanted to better enhance the museum going experience for all visitors to the exhibition. With the new ticketing system in place, visitors can schedule their visit to the exhibition and enjoy the best that Harry Potter: The Exhibition has to offer.” Harry Potter: The Exhibition, created by Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES) in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, will be displayed at ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands from 2 June 2012 through 30 September 2012. Boasting an iconic lotus-inspired design, the world’s first ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is the premier venue for major international touring exhibitions from the most renowned collections in the world. ArtScience Museum is a place that begins to question and discover the connection and similarities between the arts and sciences; and look at how people create ingenious work in both fields. ArtScience Museum presents exhibitions that give people a better understanding of how inspiration, creativity, and expression are born. Exhibitions held at ArtScience Museum include: Genghis Khan: The Exhibition; Traveling The Silk Road: Ancient Pathway To The Modern World; Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds(February 2011); Van Gogh Alive (April 2011);Dali: Mind of a Genius (May 2011);Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition (October 2011) and Cartier Time Art (December 2011). Featuring 21 gallery spaces, totaling 50,000 square feet, ArtScience Museum delivers an impressive array of exhibits that embrace a spectrum of influences from art and science, media and technology, to design and architecture. For tickets and more information, visit

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