China key for NZ: TRENZ

Kevin Bowler, Tourism New Zealand
TRENZ Media Conference
Glenn Wedlock, Auckland Airport

TRENZ has returned to the Southern Lakes region of Queenstown in 2012, with a focus on the emerging Asian market of China, highlighting its future importance to New Zealand tourism.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Kevin Bowler addressed delegates at the official media conference at the Queenstown Events Centre, emphasising the difficult but definite need to grow Chinese travellers in NZ.

“In terms of China, it’s not just about arrivals; it’s about getting them to stay longer,” he said.

We’re focused about where we place our priorities and direct our marketing. There’s certainly no shortage of challenges to face when it comes to the Chinese marketplace.”

Mr Bowler said that Australia, China and the United States were the most important markets for New Zealand tourism.

“We can’t afford to lose traction with Australia, China is a key emerging market and the US is attracted by the film industry, such as the past Lord of the Rings movies and the upcoming Hobbit film series,” he added.

“We’re also hoping for new air connections between the US and New Zealand within the next few months, with United Airlines.”

Auckland Airport chief executive Simon Moutter outlined his ‘Ambition 2020’ strategy, stressing the influence and significance of the Asian marketplace.
“Asia is our second biggest market today but will entrench by 2020, highlighting the rapid expansion in Asia due to the rising scale of middle-class travellers,” he said.

“By 2020 Asia will make up 66 percent of the world’s middle-class population.”

With continued risk and crisis within the European market and the US suffering economic detriment, focus will automatically switch to Asia.

“As part of our ambition strategy, Asia will be the largest value market worth $2.75 billion by 2020, with the highest rate of value growth coming from China,” Mr. Moutter said.

Auckland Airport general manager aeronautical business development Glenn Wedlock also added that as a destination New Zealand needs to step up and propose new initiatives.

“We have to be offering something more tailored, competitive and educate our sellers if we’re going to compete in the China marketplace.”

TRENZ is shaping up to be an informative and interesting event, with over 270 exhibitors, 10 percent of which are first-time attendees, more than 50 new products on show and over 300 buyers in participating.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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