LAN Airlines Monthly Statistics Report For April 2012


LAN Airlines S.A. and its subsidiaries, one of the leading airlines in Latin America, today reported its preliminary monthly traffic statistics and punctuality indicators for April 2012 compared to April 2011.

System passenger traffic increased 13.9% as capacity rose 5.8%. As a result, the Company’s load factor for the month increased 5.9 points to 83.0%. International passenger traffic accounted for approximately 68.6% of the month’s total passenger traffic.

Domestic passenger traffic in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia rose 16.1%, as capacity increased 13.5%. As a consequence, the domestic passenger load factor increased 1.7 points to 77.1%. International passenger traffic rose 12.9%, while capacity increased 2.3%. Accordingly, the international passenger load factor for the month increased 8.1 points to 86.0%. International capacity expansion was mainly driven by an increase in operations on certain regional routes, as well as routes to Mexico and the Caribbean, partially offset by reduced capacity on routes to Europe.

Cargo traffic fell 4.7% as capacity decreased 5.8%. As a consequence, the cargo load factor increased 0.9 points to 70.3%. The decrease in cargo capacity is a result of no additional freighters being incorporated since January 2011 in addition to decreased availability in the bellies of passenger aircraft. The decrease in traffic is driven by weaker seasonal demand, partially addressed in the prior month.


Source = Lan Airlines
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