American Airlines Miami to Los Angeles AA 271

Flight Details:
American Airlines Boeing 767 – Flight 271
13 May 2012
Miami to Los Angeles, Seat 31A

Seat Configuration:
2-3-2 in economy

Check in and Luggage Allowance:

Whilst I checked in online ahead of time, I utilised the curb side check in for my two suitcases.

After a lot of work getting the weight down to 50 pounds per bag prior to arriving at the airport, I was surprised to find that their mode of checking weight was just asking me if they were less than 50 pounds. Guess I should have kept those items I discarded at the Conrad Miami then!

The first bag cost USD$35 to check in with the second costing USD$25.

Working my way through security was painless as they ushered me through an express line due to my flight leaving within the hour.

American Airlines have small overhead lockers so my carry on luggage had to be checked once I got to the gate which I wasn’t a fan of given that I had packed my valuables and fragile items in that suitcase and didn’t have a lock handy.

On Time Service:

The plane departed approximately ten minutes late and this was the first time in my history of flying that there was no cross checking by flight attendants prior to take off.

Seat Condition:

The seats were perhaps the narrowest that I have ever experienced with little room to move once seated. 


Whilst their website indicates a broad range of entertainment options, this plane had no screens behind the seats with central screens alone playing a feature movie, “Joyful Noise” with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.

The headset required constant wiggling to work at all, with only one side of the earphones producing any audio, which made for a difficult listening experience.

Meal & Snack Service:

Approximately an hour after take off, we were offered a complimentary beverage service and the option to purchase a variety of food.

I purchased a chicken sandwich and potato chips combo for USD$10 which was quite tasty and reasonably priced I thought.

Credit cards are the only form of payment accepted.


The flight attendants were all lovely and very attentive.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A
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