Flight Review: Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu to Sydney – HA 451


As much as I enjoy flying Hawaiian Airlines, I really didn’t want to board this flight to go home…

Taxiing down the runway overlooking the crystal blue waters of Honolulu made me yearn to be in the water rather than venturing away from it.

Flight Details:
Hawaiian Airlines A330 – HA 451
16 May 2012
Honolulu to Sydney, Seat 20J

Seat Configuration:
2-4-2 in economy

Check in and Luggage Allowance:

Check in was a little more difficult than usual with the kiosk system down and the curb side check in attendants needing to venture inside the terminal to utilise the central system which was also experiencing difficulties.

All we could do was wait until the system rectified itself, which took approximately 30 minutes.

On Time Service:

We boarded, departed and consequently arrived right on time.

Seat Condition:

The seats were in great condition and I was pleased to see that mine reclined without any issues this time around.

Whilst I had a window seat, I was sitting next to a gentleman who seemed to like sharing my seat as much as his as he curled up to read his book…he might have felt like we were old friends for some reason!

It made for a somewhat uncomfortable flight but at least he shared his chips with me!


Having worked or read through most of my flights over the past month, I thought that it was about time for some serious “Hawaii 5-0” action…perhaps that theme music would get me out of my post-Hawaiian slump.

The new series is available for complimentary viewing on flights from Honolulu to Sydney and I worked my way through several episodes before moving onto “The Kennedys” starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes.

The selection of television shows available ranged from “American Dad” to “Glee” but, looking around the plane, “Hawaii 5-0” was by far the most popular choice by my fellow passengers!

Meal & Snack Service:

Soon after take-off we were offered my favourite Pau Hana snack mix along with complimentary beverages.

I love the special touch of giving us a postcard attached to our menu…a wonderful souvenir.

During the flight I enjoyed a grilled yellow chicken curry served with steamed rice and yellow and green beans along with a salad and for dessert…my favourite…tiramisu!

Snacks including potato chips and a delectable banana muffin were readily available at the main galleys but the flight attendants were more than happy to deliver them to you as well.

Prior to landing we indulged in a tuna salad roll, pineapple and macadamia shortbread cookies and macadamia nut chocolates.


As always with my Hawaiian Airlines experience, the flight attendants were attentive, professional and friendly.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.A
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