Ambassador Hotel’s New Meeting Room

Danai Wansom Ambassador Hotel Bangkok’s General Manager  and Viwat Itthiratanakomol President of Rotary Club of Prakanong  cut the ribbon to mark the opening of hotel’s new meeting room “Lavender” at Ambassador Hotel Bangkok recently.

Photo shows :  Danai Wansom hotel’s General Manager  (2nd left),  Viwat Itthiratanakomol President of Rotary Club of Prakanong (2nd right)  are cutting the ribbon along with Jarun Changtrakul (extreme left, front row), Kriangkrai Siripraiwan (extreme left, back row), Chooluck Saeng-Uraiporn (centre, back row) and Jumpot Chuesai the former President of Rotary Club of Pleonchit (extreme right, back row) and Duangta Sittivech Hotel’s Public Relations Manager (Extreme right, front row).

Source = The Ambassador Hotel Bangkok
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