THAI Board of Directors Meeting Results

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) held its Board of Directors Meeting, chaired by Mr. Ampon Kittiampon, THAI’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, with the following results.

1.   Operating Results for April 2012

The THAI Board of Directors acknowledged the good operating results for April 2012.  The Company had adjusted flight schedules to better match passenger demand, which resulted in an increase in passengers from 1.48 million to 1.69 million, or 14.2% from April 2011.  Revenue Passenger–Kilometer (RPK) was 8.3% higher than the same month last year.  Available Seat–Kilometer (ASK) was nearly the same as April 2011 at just 0.7% lower.  Cabin Factor averaged at 78.3%, which was higher than April 2011 at 71.8%.  Cabin Factor for all routes in April 2012 was higher than in 2011, especially on international routes such as Japan, which had an average of 79.1% compared to 69.3% in April 2011.  Cabin Factor for Australia and New Zealand routes averaged at 80.6%, which was higher than the 64.9% average in April 2011.  Cabin Factor for domestic routes was 76.1%, an increase from 65.6% in April 2011.

For Cargo and Commercial Mail, the Company has been operating freight service with a newly modified Boeing 747-400 since 12 April 2012.  Compare to the same month last year when the company’s freight service operated with two leased aircraft, Available Dead Load Ton-Kilometers (ADTK) for April 2012 was 11.3%, which was lower than April 2011 at 13.8%.  Freight Load Factor averaged at 56.4% which was lower than the same month last year at 58.0%.

Even though during 1-16 May 2012, which is the beginning of the low season and amid intense market competition as well as high fuel price, the operating results were still good due to the Company having quickly adjusting its operational plans to match the situation in various areas such as sales strategy, flight schedule, aircraft type, route and flight frequency to suit passenger demands.  The number of passengers increased to 804,009 or 15.6% from the same period last year.  RPK was 6.7% higher than the same period last year.  ASK was 4.9% lower than the same period last year.  Cabin factor averaged at 72.17% which was 7.8% higher than the same period last year.

2.   Committed Revolving Credit Line Acquisition

THAI’s Board of Directors approved the Committed Revolving Credit Line in the amount of 3,600 million over the 5-year contract provided by Export-Import Bank of Thailand.

3.   Selection of BFE – Business Class Seat and In Flight Entertainment & In Seat Power Supply ( IFE & ISPS )

THAI’s Board of Directors approved the installation of the Business class seats by EADS Sogerma “Solstys” model and the onboard In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE) by Panasonic eX2 series within the budget of 1,830 million baht for six Boeing 777-300ER aircraft purchased from Boeing Commercial Airplane.  The configuration of the Boeing 777-300ER has 348 seats, with 42 Business class seats of the EADS Sogerma “Solstys model, featuring 21-inch width and seatback reclining to 180 degrees.  The 306 Economy class seats are in the procurement process.

For the In-Flight Entertainment System, the Panasonic eX2 is a modern version with individual personal touch screen in all seats.  Business class will be fitted with a 16-inch Elite model TV screen, while Economy class will be fitted with an 11-inch Panasonic eX2 model TV screen.  The system includes more than 150 movies, 500 music albums, and over 200 games which can be connected to various personal devices.

4.   Management Appointment


THAI’s Board of Directors approved the management appointment of Mr. Subhakrid Boonya-Ananta, Director of THAI’s Europe & Africa Region Department, as Vice President of Sales and Distribution Department, effective from 1 October 2012.

Source = Thai Airways International
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