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Occupy Wall Street
Image Source: Youth Voices

How’s this sound? Border-hopping, sidewalk sleepovers, homeless guides, discovering the dead and Caribbean crossword cruises.

If skydiving, taking a ride in a helicopter and parasailing are just not thrilling enough for you anymore, there are always other options.

From protest tourism in the United States, where a growing number of travellers are visiting ‘occupy’ sites across the country and getting involved in mass demonstrations, to celebrity grave site visits amongst the Hollywood Hills, contemporary tourism has you covered, according to the Herald Sun.

Launched in 2011 at the London Fringe Festival, volunteer group Sock Mob employ homeless guides to tour travellers around the streets of the city they call home.

Fictitious border runs are being offered in Parque EcoAlberto, with the hope of raising awareness regarding the ongoing immigration issues between the US and Mexico.

The ‘Saw’ film franchise are operating cruises to Canada, with cast members onboard and the opportunity to snap a photo with the legendary ‘Jigsaw’ doll.

What other types of tourism have you discovered that’s completely unique?
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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