Quirkiness plays full house for Nevada tourism


They say it’s the small things that count but for Nevada’s tourism industry it’s the EST bringing in the travellers including the quirkiest, loneliest and loveliest.

Speaking to e-Travel Blackboard yesterday, Nevada Commission on Tourism deputy director Larry Friedman explained that while the State is often known for its Las Vegas thrills, its ‘quirky’ appeal is also gaining attention across the globe.

Among the most popular of the quirky attraction, according to Mr Friedman is Highway 50 aka The Loneliest Road.

Prior to launching the campaign in Europe, the highway didn’t play a role in local tourism but Mr Friedman said since being stamped as ‘bizarre’, it has seen a 25 percent spike in North European visitors looking to experience The Loneliest Road.

For those who can make it past the Las Vegas quickie-marriage, one of the loveliest tourism attractions in Nevada is the city of Locklock.

Taking its Cold War namesake and the ancient Chinese custom designed to keep one’s love in a never-ending chain, the city provides couples in love the opportunity to lock that love with a literal lock.

Mr Friedman said the initiative has made way for travellers looking for something out of the ordinary.

“Quirky is yes, getting attention,” the tourism director said.

“It’s not for everyone but there are people who want to explore wide open spaces and take a quirky day walk.”

Mr Friedman also said he believes Australian travellers are the perfect market for the US, find out why next week on e-Travel Blackboard.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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