Taxi drivers key to boosting tourism

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A recent study has revealed that well trained taxi drivers with excellent communication skills is essential in boosting India’s tourism potential.

The study conducted by industry lobby FICCI and Yes Bank suggests proper human resource development including certification of tour operators is equally as important to promote tourism, New York Daily News reported.

“While infrastructure development is essential for a robust and sustained growth of the travel and tourism industry, without simultaneous attention to human resource, proper utilization becomes an issue,” the study wrote.

The study encourages the government to make tour guide associations a consultative partner, as it will provide the government with an insight into the guides’ problems as well as a training dissemination plan.

It suggested action points for taxi drivers, saying that the safety of the tourists is in the hands of these drivers.

The study calls for workshops in communication skills to be conducted by state government.

The Tourism Minister has a plan of approving travel agents, inbound tour operators, adventure tour operators and other sectors.

Another innovation is the idea of star category rating of travel and tour operators.

“There is an urgent need to institutionalise capacity building in all segments of the hotel industry, particularly in emerging options such as budget hotels and serviced apartments.

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