BHA reduces plastic waste by over 20%

In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste, Bali Hotels Associations (BHA) together with 30 BHA members has successfully reduced plastic waste by over 20 percent.

As part of its “Say No to Disposable Plastics” initiative the hotel group were able to reduce disposable plastics from May to November 2011 by 23 percent, exceeding the set goal of 20 percent.

BHA chairman Jean-Charles LeCoz said that he was extremely pleased with the positive result.

“Our aim was to see an overall reduction of 20 percent, the fact that we have exceeded this is testament to our members’ commitment to preserving Bali’s natural heritage both as a tourist destination and for its inhabitants,” Mr LeCoz said.

This year, BHA’s new initiative “Clean and Sustainable Water” is looking at ways of reducing and sustaining water.

Some of the actions the association is driving among its members include, tracking of water usage, watering gardens in the mornings and evenings instead of midday, using native plants that require less water, reviewing cycling times for laundry and using low consumption taps, shower and toilet features.

In addition, the association is also supporting, Consolidated Water, a company that has been assigned the job of producing high quality fresh water from seawater.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: S.P
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