Rail Europe Extends German Rail Pass to Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic & Austria


The German Rail Pass extension allows unlimited travel beyond Germany,
including Brussels aboard InterCity Express (ICE) high speed trains


Germany is the promise of an unforgettable destination which is best savoured using a German Rail Pass


Additional EUR39 allows unlimited travel beyond Germany
Rail Europe is offering travelers the German Rail Pass Extension, to extend rail adventures from Germany to Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria for just an extra EUR39.

With over 60 million tourists annually, Germany is one of the most popular destinations in the world. From its major cities to its unspoiled villages and from its cultural attractions to its business events, Germany is the promise of an unforgettable destination which is best savoured using a German Rail Pass.

Now Deutsche Bahn is extending options beyond Germany’s borders with the extension supplement, The German Rail Pass Extension is an add-on product which must be used in conjunction with a German Rail Pass. It is offered at EUR69 in 1st class and EUR39 in 2nd Class per adult and covers travel between Germany and the following cities:

Popular destinations include Brussels aboard InterCity Express (ICE) high speed trains and DB-ÖBB Eurocity Trains to Prague.

The EUR39 supplement also permits travel aboard DB Expressbus to Kufstein and Innsbruck in Austria, and DB-ÖBB Eurocity Trains to Bolzzano, Verona, Bologna and Venice in Italy.

On sale as of today from Rail Europe network of travel agents and websites, the German Rail Pass extension adds an international flavour to the German Rail Pass.

The German Rail Pass allows unlimited rail travel on the national rail network of Germany for durations between 3 and 10 days within one month.It includes numerous bonuses and discounts on attractions which can be used for tours and boat trips. It is available at a starting price of EUR183, from all Rail Europe accredited travel agents and websites.

Rail Europe’s flagship store in Hong Kong – a hub serving the mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam markets – is at 688 Nathan Road, Floor 11, Room 12, Argyle Centre – Phase 1 Mongkok, Hong Kong (Tel: +852 2390 0421).


Source = Rail Europe
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