Flight Review: Air New Zealand’s inaugural flight from Auckland to Sunshine Coast

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Flight Details:
Air New Zealand – NZ 769 A320
01 July 2012
Auckland to Sunshine Coast, Seat 12F (Exit Row)
Departs 06:30am NZ Time / Arrives 08:25am AEST

Flight Duration:
3 hours and 55 minutes

Seat Configuration: 3-3 in economy

Check-in and Luggage Allowance:
Auckland Airport has really changed for the better. The new quick check in allows you to insert your passport and select your seat before being issued your baggage tag and boarding pass. This simple to use system helps streamline passengers who only need to drop their luggage off and can head towards the gate.
Carry on luggage is 7kg and there is a reminder upon check-in. Checked in luggage is 23kg. If you are over, you will be charged per kilo.

On time Service:
Being the inaugural flight, there was entertainment, food and speeches at the gate which passengers enjoyed. Boarding was sooner than expected with everything ahead of schedule. The flight was meant to be delayed due to head winds however we arrived at the Sunshine Coast Airport on time and were greeted by waving airport staff and with a few locals who came to see the first international flight land at the airport.

Seat/Cabin experience:
Plenty of leg room and space to move around within the seat.
Extremely clean with the black seats and silver rails, high overhead and white colouring makes the cabin atmosphere cool and comfortable.

Safety Video:
A special mention had to be made here regarding Air New Zealand’s cartoon safety video. The use of the actor Ed, who play’s Al Bundy in Married with Children and now stars in Modern Family, tells passengers what to do, really makes the video entertaining. Snoop Dog makes an appearance also in cartoon form. Looking around the cabin, everyone was glued to their screens and finally paying attention.
Seeing this for the first time flying Sydney to Auckland, I was still glued to the screen watching it again.

Air New Zealand’s entertainment system is fantastic as it
offers you a wide range of movies, music videos, music tracks
and plenty of games for the kids to stay entertained.
The most impressive tab on the touch screen television is the
“EAT & DRINK” selection. You have a choice of hot and cold food,
drinks and snacks and can order them and pay by credit card from
your seat. Very impressive indeed.

Meals & Snack Service:
As this flight was early morning, we were served a choice of
continental or a hot breakfast. Continental included cereal, muffin
and fruit. Tea, coffee and water are complimentary on the flight.

Overall my experience flying with Air New Zealand was one to remember. The staff are attentive and the entire atmosphere on the plane was one of fun, laughter and comfort. The perfect flight to start your holiday or business trip in the Sunshine Coast.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: A.V
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