Spanish airport tax hike

In an effort to wipe out its budget deficit, airports in Spain have been hit by a hike in tax costs.

Individuals who made bookings months ago are being forced to fork out extra cash to compensate for the tax increase, if they booked flights on or before 2 July 2012.

Aviation organisations such as Hahn Air have complained about the tax rise, which was approved in the Spanish General State Budget for 2012.

While some carriers and distribution companies have chosen to incur the additional costs, others have been forced to pass on the costs to their customers.

“This tax increase is beyond the control of our Hahn Air Partner Airline Vueling (VY) and will affect all bookings with flights starting at any Spanish airport,” Hahn Air said in a statement.

The average tax increase is approximately 18.9 percent, while at larger Spanish airports this amount may be double, according to euronews.

The European travel agents’ association ECTAA said the measures were imposed “without proper consultation of airport users, nor appropriate implementation time.”
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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