Alaska with HAL’s Zaandam Day 4: Glacier Bay


While the Glacier Bay Park rangers boarded the ship (left), my day started with a 45-minute yoga session at the well-equipped gym and fitness centre on the Lido deck. It was a little disconcerting to see the instructor picking her toes before we started the class but she took our small group through the moves efficiently and the sense of wellbeing was definitely enhanced by views of the spectacular waterway we were cruising through.

After breakfast we attended a very interesting and informative talk about Alaskan wildlife by Zaandam’s travel guide, Wallis (she goes by the one name) and learned about grizzlies and black bears, shorebirds such as the Arctic tern and black-legged kittiwake, and the marine mammals who inhabit these freezing waters. More than a million birds congregate in Alaska in the spring to undertake their annual flight down the Pacific Flyway.

We then spent a couple of hours on the bow gazing in awe at glaciers and icebergs and hearing the eerie creaking of glaciers. Mugs of hot chocolate were handed out by rugged-up crew and Park Rangers gave a commentary about the history and geology of this amazing wilderness, which was broadcast (softly) to the outer decks. No music is played on board the ship while she cruises slowly around the fjords and inlets of the 65-mile Bay – I think the aft deck, my favourite spot on the ship, would benefit from a couple of music-free hours every day.

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Source = Sally MacMillan – Cruise Passenger
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