South Korea’s travel industry on the rise

Investment strategies, growth potential, targeted markets and government initiatives have helped to grow South Korea’s travel industry in 2012.

Late last year, industry experts Amadeus predicted a strong and favourable year of growth for the South Korean travel industry.

Amadeus Asia Pacific president David Brett said new and focused campaigns had been developed to drive growth and success.

“Increased travel between South Korea and China and more competitive travel prices will provide an important boost in traveller numbers, but that in turn will put added pressure on infrastructure,” he said.

“South Korea has been smart to ensure that infrastructure investment is a priority and that technology plays its part to facilitate the industry’s growth.”

Four key strategies have been developed to further aid South Korea’s burgeoning travel industry.

A focus on Chinese visitors and relaxed visa regulations is making it easier for Chinese tourists to gain access to South Korea.

Government investment in travel infrastructure has been building over the past year, with the construction of new hotels and the purchase of new aircraft.

Increased competition is forcing airlines to lower flight prices for domestic and outbound travel, passing on consumer savings and encouraging travel to South Korea.

High internet penetration has resulted in South Korea developing digital technology platforms that deliver both information and greater booking resources for potential future travellers.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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