Asian travellers remain big spenders at the Chic Outlet Shopping Villages


The Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages by Value Retail have gone against the tide, posting increased sales versus the same period last year. Visitors from South East Asia have buoyed this growth with an overall increase of 58%.

The top visiting non-European market to the Villages is China, followed by Russia, and the Middle East. South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia) is in fourth position with a 58% growth vs. Q1 2011. Brazil rounds out the top five.

The Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages saw a 63% increase in visitors from Malaysia, a 48% increase from Thailand, and a 31% increase from Singapore. Average spend from each country ranged from € 279 to € 291. Kildare Village outside Dublin, Ireland; Bicester Village outside London, United Kingdom; and La Roca Village outside Barcelona, Spain were the most popular Villages for Southeast Asians to visit.

There has been a consistent rise in the number of visitors, possibly due to the favourable exhange rates and attractive airline offerings with increased routes.

Furthermore, visitor numbers are not the only thing that is up—the average spend is also on the rise, with an increase of 2% against the same period last year


Source = AKA Asia
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