World Travel Market Examines the Potential of the Powerhouse Economies


Do you wonder which of the emerging economies has the most potential for your organisation? World Travel Market, the leading global event for the travel industry, will help you answer that question with its session focused on the individual markets Brazil, India, Russia, China and South Africa.

The WTM Powerhouse Economies session, which takes place on Wednesday 7 November in Platinum Suite 4 at 2.15pm, will examine each of the five countries’ individual travel and tourism potential with research into each market followed by presentations from expert speakers.

The session is moderated by European Tour Operators Association Executive Director Tom Jenkins and European Tourism Council Market Intelligence Group Chairman Leslie Vella, who will use the research to review each country’s potential before introducing expert speakers on each country to give their view.

The session starts will the focus on Brazil and will include expert opinion by wholesaler Abreu Online Global Director of Product Andre Fass.

At 3.10pm China takes centre stage with Kuoni/ GTA Department Manager Inbound Services Dorosthy Teng and China Holidays Group Chairman Carey Fletcher.

Mercury Travels Executive Vice Chairman Ashwini Kakkar and Indian Compass Editorial Associate Yashraj Jain take up the reigns for India at 3.50pm.

Russia is the focus at 4.30pm with TMI Consultancy Director Helene Lloyd.

The session concludes by focusing on South Africa from 5.10pm with British Tips General Manager Susan Thesen.

Reed Travel Exhibitions Director World Travel Market Simon Press said: “The emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are often group together with their potential discussed as a collective whole, despite there being different advantages and challenges in each market.

“This session takes each individual country and looks in details at its strengths and weaknesses to help the audience evaluate which market has the most potential for them.”


Source = WTM
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