Travelport works with IATA for improved distribution


Travelport is engaging open dialogue with IATA through its New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative to further improve its effective and efficient method for delivery of supplier content to the travel supply chain participants.

The goal for Travelport is to maintain standards of the technology landscape by improving product offering and customer experience.

IATA recognises its own existing standards for distributing airline content and sees an opportunity for airlines to differentiate their product and value through the travel agency channel.

Travelport has called on IATA to address these opportunities to incorporate the input of all the critical components of the travel value chain from supplier to travel agent to consumer.

Already delivering many of the proposed capabilities, Travelport remains committed to enhancing practical standards to meet the needs of all participants in the end-to-end travel supply chain.

Fundamental to serving the best interests of consumers, Travelport enables comparison shopping which allows travel agencies to provide an excellent and highly transparent product and service to their clients using the Travelport GDS.

While airline products continue to become more complex, so does the challenge of comparison shopping, but Travelport’s technology combats this with by understanding and comparing airline products in an efficient manner.

An example of the new and dynamic ways to support top line revenue growth for airlines through Travelport include leveraging existing and new technologies that it has developed and which are already live and operational.

Examples of personalized shopping experience for consumers are evident with KLM, who has worked closely with Travelport, to offer KLM Economy Comfort seating which offers a user experience that compares favourably with the carrier’s own website.

Travelport looks forward to engaging with IATA to further put new technologies to work with all airlines that are interested in partnering to achieve top-line growth.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W
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