Cairns ZOOm and Wildlife Dome


The new Cairns ZOOm is the world’s first Challenge Ropes Course in a wildlife immersion exhibit, situated in the heart of the city on the roof of the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino.

It consists of over 50 elements of crossings and ziplines – including one, which takes participants directly over the top of Goliath, our four metre saltwater crocodile!

Each element is designed and named after Australian wildlife with similar attributes, allowing visitors to interact with and be educated about our native fauna at different heights during an exhilarating experience.

The course utilises SafeRoller, a continuous belay system, with participants connected via a harness to a safety cable system that they are unable to disconnect themselves from whilst traversing through the elements.

At an easier level of difficulty, suitable for beginners and young people.

At a greater level of difficulty, consisting of more complex crossings and ziplines for the more adventurous, featuring 3 ziplines – one of which where you dangle over Goliath the croc!

HEIGHT & WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: Must be over 140cms tall and less than 120kg.

This enthralling component is a freefall adventure, where you jump off a 13m high tower attached by rope to make a rapid descent, with a fan device ensuring a gentle and smooth landing.

Walk along internal walkways with a unique birds-eye view of inside the Dome, and then an external 60cm wide platform with spectacular views of the city and surrounding land and seascapes.

The complete Cairns Zoom adventure takes approximately 2 hours and is open from 9am to 9pm daily.


A spectacular all-weather wildlife immersion exhibit – and open and interactive environment for humans and animals to mingle in a spacious natural setting – enclosed by a 20 metre high glass dome on top of the iconic Reef Hotel Casino.

Immerse yourself in a rainforest environment whilst parrots, cockatoos and other birds native to the Wet Tropics region fly freely around you. Interact with other animals such as turtles, pythons, freshwater crocodiles, lizards and gliders. In the late afternoon, observe the feeding habits of curlews, bettongs, frogmouths and kookaburras.

Click here to view entire photo gallery of Cairns Wildlife Dome.

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